5 Easy Ways to Practice Self Care

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When you spend your life caring for others, it can be easy to accidentally overlook your own health. Here's how to refocus your efforts to help yourself as well as those around you.


For those that spend much of their time caring for others, it can be easy to neglect our own self care

Even though many of us are able to recognize warning signs of emotional distress in others, unfortunately, many of us as caregivers often overlook the critical issue of taking care of ourselves. We get so focused on the wellbeing of those around us we forget the one we person we can have the biggest impact on – ourselves.

It’s okay to take some time for ourselves – it puts us in a better position to serve others and will make you more effective in all your daily tasks.

Five easy tips for effective self care:

  1. First, take time off. Use the opportunity to focus on fun things for yourself and your family/friends.
  2. Remember to eat healthy. a well-balanced diet can greatly reduce stress.
  3. Engage in conversations with folks around you about things other than work.
  4. Exercise is important. Even daily walks can greatly improve your mental well-being.
  5. Taking time off is a positive first step towards taking better care of oneself

    Taking time off is a positive first step towards taking better care of oneself

    Finally, Turn off. Resetting yourself is important. Turn off electronics/communication devices every day. Find quiet time away from phone calls and text messages

Taking a few steps toward self care can go a long way towards maintaining a solid state of mind. Most of all, it will allow you to continue to serve those around you. Remember, self care is a year-round effort and we need you to focus on yourself.

If you need help identifying signs of mental health conditions, visit Mental Health America’s screening page. If you or a loved one are struggling and need assistance, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).