9 Ways to Improve Your Online Presence in 60 Seconds

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You’re busy. We get it. Often in the interest of knocking out your to-do list, seemingly less-important tasks get funneled into the “I’ll do that tomorrow” bucket, and ultimately fade into oblivion.

The online marketing tips in this article can fit into anyone's busy schedule

The online marketing tips in this post can fit into anyone’s busy schedule

For many organizations, this approach often applies to their online presence. Statements like “Our website is just fine” or “Facebook can wait” become commonplace because those properties aren’t critical to building your business, right? Wrong. Maintaining an active online presence is crucial to showing current and potential clients that you are engaged in your industry and that you are an expert in your field.

Here’s the reality: regardless of how little extra time you have, I bet you can spare 60 seconds. That’s where this list comes in: each simple task to improve your online presence can be accomplished in less than a minute. Heck, if you can spare 9 minutes today, you can knock out the lot and not even need to bookmark this article for later.

  1. Snap and post a behind-the-scenes photo: Fans of your organization want to connect with you on a personal level. This allows you to humanize your organization and build loyalty among followers.
  2. Share a company social post on your personal account: Likewise, your friends are interested in knowing about your professional life, too. So occasionally when your organization posts an interesting update, share away!
  3. Brainstorm a blog idea: For example, think about a unique insight you have into the state of your industry, or a commentary on something newsworthy that’s of interest to your peers and colleagues.
    1. title generator

      Title generator tools produce useful (and sometimes just silly) blog titles to boost creativity

      While you’re at it, brainstorm a high-conversion headline for your next blog post using a tool like Portent’s Title Maker. (Sometimes it’s just fun to play with, too)

  4. Check high-level stats on your latest email newsletter: Compare open rates and click throughs to previous email sends, and write down two or three things you can do to improve your next newsletter.
  5. Add social media calls to action to your email signature: Any action you take to drive traffic to your organization’s social presence is time well spent, as long as your accounts are updated regularly. You are posting regularly, right?
  6. Check up on your Facebook “About” page. Chances are it could use an update or two.
  7. boost facebook post

    In today’s pay-to-play Facebook environment, a modest occasional ad spend is sometimes the best way to reach your audience

    While you’re there, boost a Facebook post: Thanks to updates to Facebook’s algorithm over the past few years, your newsfeed has become largely a pay-to-play environment. When your team posts a particularly impactful update, throw a couple of bucks behind it to build some traction.

  8. Give your website a once-over: Check for missing images, broken links, etc. and either send a ticket to your IT department or flag issues for you to fix later.
  9. Contact Hangar 30 for a free H30 Online Marketing Assessment™: We specialize in helping our clients improve their digital presence. Get in touch to see how we can put our expertise to work on all of your online properties.

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