Echo Analytics Group: Change the Game

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We are often approached by companies who need a way to communicate the complex issue their product or service addresses. They need to show that their solution makes it easier and more efficient for their customers to engage their target.

In short, these organizations need a simple way of explaining something complicated, kind of like a corporate version of Reddit’s famous “Explain Like I’m Five” Subreddit.

crane arcade game

For this video, we utilized a working arcade crane game as a prop. The fact that it was delivered on a Friday afternoon was not an accident.

Recently Hangar 30 was approached by Echo Analytics Group (EAG), an organization trying to increase their penetration in the commercial market. At first this seemed like a daunting task due to the highly-technical services EAG provides to their clients. But in time, we were able to find a way to simplify EAG’s highly-complicated offering. The trick was making sure their target audience could understand.

In its simplest form, EAG’s service of processing analytics data is a lot like trying to capture a toy from one of those mechanical crane games you’d see in an arcade. Except in today’s ever-expanding datascape, there’s just too much information available, which could make it impossible to grab the “toy” that you’re after. EAG wanted to communicate that they had found a better way.

filming a crane game and operator

This video was filmed 100 miles outside of our Denver office and included both an arcade crane game, and also a giant construction crane

So what to do? We loved this “game” analogy, but how could we really make the idea pop? And then it struck us – simply change the game.

The eventual concept and video included a crane arcade game, a giant construction crane, a healthy dose of client trust and a new, unusual challenge: On one of the video’s shots, we only had one chance to get it right. There would be no do-over.

The resulting video demonstrates how we are able to communicate in simple terms a complex solution. And, we got to use a massive crane to destroy an arcade game that has frustrated all of us at some point. And who doesn’t love that.

If you need help communicating a complex mission through video, get in touch. We’d love to explore how we could help simplify your message and present it in an engaging way.