Featured Project: 152nd Airlift Wing’s Community Garden

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Community gardens aren't typically the subject of Air National Guard-branded videos. But in this case, such a project helped send a highly-effective message to ANG Airmen and leadership.

Airman gardener

A1C Kristine Wiley works in the community garden at the 152nd Airlift Wing, Reno.

During the 2015 ANG Executive Safety Summit, our team was introduced to Col. Karl Stark, Wing Commander at the 152nd Airlift Wing in Reno, NV. In our brief conversation we learned that Stark had green lit an unusual project at his wing: a community garden. Besides the obvious logistical questions around cultivating a garden in Reno, We were also curious to see how such a project had affected day-to-day operations at the 152nd.

Capitalizing on our strengths.

airmen and film crew

Hangar 30 film crew pose for a photo with Col. Stark and A1C Wiley from the 152nd Airlift Wing

For Hangar 30, we saw an opportunity to utilize one of our greatest strengths: assisting leadership in presenting a clear and engaging message to the men and women in their unit. So, in July of 2015, we sent a film crew to Reno to capture the story. Over the course of a one-day shoot, our crew collected various broll and conducted interviews with Col. Stark as well as several Airmen and volunteers.

Reaching Airmen and leadership with the right message.

The end result, released in September by the Air National Guard Safety Office, has since helped the Guard do two things: communicate a message to ANG leadership to engage with their younger Airmen, and encourage Airmen to speak up and become more involved in their wing.