Featured Project: Efficient Forms ACA Compliance Video

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At Hangar 30, we pride ourselves on our ability to help clients effectively present complex missions and ideas to their audiences. While working on a project in August 2015, we learned that fewer things are more complicated than a twenty-thousand-page Congressional act.

In an early concept meeting, our client quipped “There’s really nothing sexy about Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance.” But as true as that statement was, it quickly became the basis of our mission: to find a unique and engaging way of talking about a subject that, for most, is downright b o r i n g.

actors filming

On-set during CSI spoof filming

For our team, this was an opportunity to step way, way off the beaten path. Our staff explored a vast number of ideas, eventually landing on one concept: a CSI-Miami-style spoof featuring an HR employee who died at the hands of ACA compliance, and a police detective who had reached his wit’s end with the Affordable Care Act.

Over the next few weeks, our team sprung into action. Scripts were written and approved, an elaborate crime scene was constructed, and dozens of actors were auditioned, including a group vying for the all important role of “corpse under a filing cabinet.”

employee under filing cabinet

Amy was brave enough to lay under the floating filing cabinet during filming.

The final item needed for proper execution was perhaps the most important: client trust. Our client relied on us to apply a unique concept to what is normally a dry, unexciting subject. Ultimately, their trust paid off: the resulting project is dynamic, engaging, and sets them apart from every other competitor in their space. It also proves that, if handled properly, even something as unsexy as Affordable Care Act compliance can be entertaining.